4 Must Know IV Therapy Benefits

To function at the highest level your immune system requires adequate sleep, well balanced diet, reduction in stress, proper hydration, and regular exercise. If you are lacking in one of these areas, you are at risk of becoming sick.

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IV therapy has been widely used since the 1950s.

There are countless IV therapy clinics popping up all over the United States as people are recognizing the benefits IV therapy provides.

IV Therapy replenishes your body when you don’t have time to.

When visiting an IV clinic your IV will contain fluids for hydration, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and sometimes medications depending on your needs. At Coastal IV we are a mobile IV clinic that comes to your location. Regardless of whether you visit a clinic or call on a mobile IV clinic there are countless benefits to IV therapy; today, we will be highlighting four benefits.

1. IV Therapy Boosts Your Immune System

To function at the highest level your immune system requires adequate sleep, well balanced diet, reduction in stress, proper hydration, and regular exercise. If you are lacking in one of these areas, you are at risk of becoming sick.

IV therapy benefits your immune system by providing vitamins and minerals, often at much higher doses than can be taken by mouth. Vitamin C and zinc are the most common nutrients in an immune support IV. There is 100% absorption with nutrients given through your IV. However, this is not the case with nutrients taken by mouth. And, in the case of Vitamin C, the higher the dose of vitamin C by mouth, the less you absorb. For example, if you take 30-180 mg a day of vitamin C by mouth, 70-90% of that is absorbed. If you consume 1000 mg of Vitamin C by mouth, only 50% is absorbed. Additionally, consuming more than 1200 mg daily by mouth can cause diarrhea; however, you can take nearly ten times that much through your IV without any unwanted side effects.

Not only can IV therapy benefit your immune system when you are unwell, but it can also help prevent you from getting sick. At Coastal IV we recommend IV therapy before a big event or when your body is stressed, either from mental and/or physical stress. Additionally, an immune support IV like The Sunny Days IV can help you feel better faster during an illness. If you are not getting enough sleep, eating a well-balanced diet, are stressed, or suffering from an illness you may benefit from IV therapy.

2. IV Therapy Corrects Dehydration

It is estimated that 1 in 3 Americans are chronically dehydrated. Proper hydration is essential for general wellness, optimal brain function, increased energy levels, good digestion, immune support, and keeping your skin healthy. The fatigue we experience at 3 o’clock in the afternoon is often attributed to dehydration. Drinking more water can help with this; however, it is not always easy with a busy lifestyle to drink enough water. IV therapy is perfect before a long weekend to top off the tank and give you more energy, before a night of drinking, before or after a challenging workout or race, and to replenish much-needed fluids and vitamins during or after an illness. All of our IVs have 1 liter of hydration unless it is not indicated based on your health history.

3. IV Therapy Improves Energy

With IV therapy you receive hydration as well as nutrients to give you the energy you need to tackle the day. Getting a liter of fluids is like drinking a gallon of water. You also get the added benefit of it going directly into your bloodstream instead of needing to be absorbed by your gut. Your stomach can’t absorb a lot of water in a short amount of time. This is why you often urinate if you drink water fast because your body expels it.

Vitamin B12 can also give you a big boost to your energy. It is crucial in DNA synthesis, a healthy nervous system, and red blood cell formation. It is essential to know that there are many forms of B12 you can be given at an IV clinic. There is one form of B12 cyanocobalamin that we do not provide at Coastal IV because it contains cyanide. Most people can break down and expel the cyanide; however, this is not the case for everyone, so we do not offer this form of B12 at Coastal IV. Instead, we use hydroxocobalamin which is biologically identical to what is found naturally in the body. At Coastal IV we do not want to use anything that could be remotely harmful.

4. IV Therapy Promotes Anti-aging

Oxidative stress increases inflammation which leads to rapid aging and development of chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis. As we grow older, we naturally age; however, many things can increase our oxidative stress and thus our aging. Illness, both acute and chronic, smoking, heavy drinking, and too much sun exposure are all examples of things that can age you prematurely. Antioxidants are given through your IV to help fight oxidative stress and slow aging. Vitamin C and glutathione are powerhouse antioxidants. We naturally make glutathione however, glutathione decreases over time. Glutathione is also depleted if you have chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, if you are mentally stressed, or drink high volumes of alcohol. Glutathione supports a healthy liver, increases collagen production, and fights the aging process. Glutathione is an excellent addition to an immune support IV or a hangover IV. It is also included in the anti-aging IV.

IV Therapy You Can Trust

At coastal IV, you receive a consultation with a nurse practitioner before your IV is administered.

We have countless different IVs to offer; however, we always tailor your IV to your specific needs so YOU can benefit most from your IV therapy.

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